Francesca pop Balloons in various ways with her Bare Feet

A nice long clip showing lovely Francesca barefoot in jeans and out in public in the city. She blows up a couple of balloons in different locations and pops them in various ways using her gorgeous bare feet. Her long toes are perfectly pedicured and she is wearing two anklets from India, as well as some toe rings. She pops the balloons in the following ways: Stomping a balloon, jumping onto a balloon, squishing a balloon beneath her bare feet, tearing a balloon apart with her toes, stepping onto two balloons with her soles visible, squishing a balloon on a park bench. There are also two bloopers as she tries to pop two balloons but they explode too quickly. If you love perfect bare feet popping balloons you’ll enjoy this clip. This clip is DivX encoded at 720×576 for high quality and 4:56 minutes long. /

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